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Marie Kazalia

Marie Kazalia was born in Toledo, Ohio but has lived her adult life primarily in the San Francisco bay area , with the exception of four expatriate years in Japan, India, & Hong Kong. She has a BFA degree from California College of Arts and Crafts.

Poetry & prose by Marie Kazalia published/forthcoming in: AABYE(UK) Alpha Beat Press---Angelflesh--Anthology Magazine--Arnazella-- ASSPANTS --ATOM MIND--Blind Man’s Rainbow--Burning Blimp Manifesto--- Caprice---Hammers--Laureate Letters--Logodaedalus--Midwest Poetry Review Nerve Cowboy-- O!!ZONE --Penny Dreadful Review ---POETALK-- POETRY MOTEL-- Silverblack Journal of Poetry--33 Review---Typewriter -- Worcs Aloud Allowed--Writers Gazette--yefief-- ZYX--

She has poetry & prose displayed/forthcoming on dozens of Internet Web Page literary journals with collections of poems in: uXu (Issue #31)---- ten poems Ygdrasil(Oct Issue)---7 poems access:

P O Box 422344
San Francisco CA 94142 USA
Telephone (415)447-7334 e-mail: