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Jim Hayes

Jim was born and raised in Troy, NY. After completing a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1979, he moved to Loveland, CO, to work as a research and development engineer for Hewlett Packard Co. In 1984 he began the study of photography and was soon creating unusual and startling montages in the darkroom, using complex burn/dodge tools. In 1992 he left Hewlett Packard to devote himself to his art. He completed a degree in Graphic Technology in 1993, and in 1994 began using digital techniques to create his photographs. He now resides in the foothills west of Loveland with his wife and cat and a PC named Dick (sometimes termed the “Dark Tower”). His interests in the arts include playwrights Shakespeare and Beckett, authors Kafka, Dostoyesvky and Plath, and painter Paul Delvaux.

Jim creates a photograph by recombining his own scanned-in negatives, using Adobe Photoshop and other software, producing a data file which is output as a 2”x3” negative. The negative is then enlarged in a traditional chemical darkroom to create the final selenium-toned archival silver gelatin print. His recent shows include the International Conference for the Fantastic in Art (ICFA 18), and the International Digital Photography exhibit (LandEscapes 98) sponsored by Bradley University and the Peoria Arts Guild, where his photograph “Untitled XXII” won first place.

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