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Mauro Efef

Painter, installation artist, poet, musician, b. 1962, Argentina. Emigrated to US in 1981, and became citizen. Mauro's small scale paintings and drawings, as well as his large scale mixed media installations, show the influence of his travels in Brazil, Morocco, Guatemala and Mexico. In his work, the indigenous culture of a country in all of its political/religious history, is transformed into a contemporary art that is one part bizarre icon and one part Zen calligraphy. His musical notation series, based on his invention of the piano liberado instrumentation and composition, appear as abstract maps even though they are actual compositions. Mauro's work is part of corporate and private collections in the Bay Area and Europe. He is music director of enso, with focus on Bach, Piazola and John Cage.

Inquiries about artists and available work to:
Peggy Mallison, Director, Mirren Gallery,
510 Kelly Ave., Half Moon Bay, CA. 94019
Telephone: 650/712-1320.