by Paul A. Toth


My name is Antonio. Once upon a time, I'm here to tell my story. I'm a freeloader, cheater, deadbeat, and fraud. Those come first; alcohol's an excuse. You've got your twelve steps, and I've got mine. I've heard all about your twelve steps. Now it's my turn. First, I am unmanageable and powerless; that's why I drink. When sanity is restored to me, I stop believing in any power greater than myself. God as I understood Him helped me turn my life over to my own will. I went on a fearless moral search and ended up with an inventory of my flaws. I admitted to myself the exact nature of wrongs committed against me by other human beings and God. I am entirely ready to remove all of God's character defects. I ask Him to humbly remove his shortcomings. I've made a list of all persons who've harmed me and I am willing to listen to their amends. If they do not make direct amends, I will injure them. I admit I was wrong to take a personal inventory and promptly discover more flaws than I knew existed. I ask that God as I once understood Him seek conscious contact and pray for knowledge of my will and power so that I may enact it. Lacking that spiritual awakening, I will carry my message to others so that they may practice these principles in all their affairs. On that point, I will soon land in jail after blowing a point-fifteen while driving with a suspended license. Many of you will do the same. Therefore, I ask that God as I understood him grant us the serenity to know that we cannot change, the courage to wonder why we bother, and the wisdom to know the difference. From what I've seen, you're like kids who just have to hear the same story over and over again, except nobody tells the story you wanna hear but yourself. So, if you don't mind, I'll take the place of the next speaker. My name is Antonio. Once upon a time...



Copyright 2007 by Paul A. Toth