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RYCHARD DENNER, born 1941, Oakland High School graduate, 1959, Rychard dropped out of UC Berkeley, 1960—the "Poet of the Berkeley Barb"—self-exiled himself to the Alaskan woods after the Summer of Love, printing on a Kelsey hand press small, smudgy chapbooks, graduating from University of Alaska, Fairbanks, 1972, continued printing while working at Queen Anne News in Seattle, moved with family, 1975, to 800 acre cattle ranch east of Ellensburg, Washington, to punch cows and write hayseed verses, finally finding a twenty-year career as the proprietor of Fourwinds Bookstore & Cafe, settling down to civic responsibilities, Masonic Order, alcoholism and a total freak-out after separating from the most beautiful woman in the world, finding happiness in the teachings of Buddha, 1989, moving to Tara Mandala Retreat Center in Colorado to manage another bookstore and do a long retreat until called back to California in 1997 to care for his elderly parents, staying on after his father's death to write and publish dPress chapbooks in his family home, near Santa Rosa, California. Now, an ordained Vajrayana monk and great-grandfather, he is adjusting to his role as an elder. You are invited to visit his website www.dpress.net


Breastbeaters, Berkeley Pamphlets, Berkeley, California, 1963.
The Scorpion, D Press (designed by Wesley Tanner of Arif Press) Berkeley, California, 1975.
Collected Poems:1961-2000, Comrades Press, Warwickshire, England2000. (This tome is obtainable through Xlibris www.xlibris.com).
Lost Coast, Butcher Shop Press, Rockaway Beach, New York, 2005.
Calendar of the Moon, Round Barn Press, Santa Rosa, California, 2007.
Collected Books of Richard Denner Volumes 1-12, dPress, Sebastopol, California (contains 97 individual books) 2006.



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