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LUIS GARCIA was born (in 1939) and raised in Berkeley, California. His first book of poems was published in Santiago, Chile in 1963 where he had been studying with the poet Nicanor Parra. He subsequently had volumes published by George Hitchcock's Kayak Press, Robert Hawley's Oyez Press, White Rabbit Press and other notable publishing houses, including an appearance in the Poems Read in the Spirit of Peace and Gladness, a 1966 anthology of poems collected by Doug Palmer in opposition to the war in Vietnam. Although he kept writing, in the 1980's, Luis stopped participating in the poetry scene or publishing books for a number of years, only to re-emerge in the late 1990's with several books and letterpress broadsides in collaboration with James Wehlage. In recent years, Luis has been instrumental in organizing a series of readings at the Berkeley Art Center. He has also given readings at numerous locations in Berkeley and San Francisco as well as such places as Seattle, Washington and Kauai, Hawaii.


* The Handle (dpress, 2006)
* The Token (Summit Road Press, 2006)
* A Place of Morning (dpress, 2003)
* A Gift From The Darkness (Summit Road Press, 2000)
* Even Steven (dpress, 1999)
* More Than Naked (dpress, 1998)
* Poems For Dinner (Summit Road Press, 1997)
* Snowbird (Blue Fin Press, 1984)
* Two Pears (House of Four Press, 1982)
* Beans (Oyez, 1976)
* A Blue Book (Cloud Marauder Press, 1976)
* The Mechanic (White Rabbit Press, 1970)
* Mr. Menu (Kayak, 1968)
* The Calculated Lion (Ediciones "Renovacion," 1963)

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