from Berkeley Daze


A New Song

One thousand spices

One thousand fragrances

One thousand recipes

One cook, One kitchen

One mouth

Always open to eat, to sing, to sigh, to pray.

One breath

One song

Who is this singing?

Who is this listening

What is this new song

I've known all my life?


Dead Musicians

the night watchman sits in a darkened room
smoking a cigarette
listening to jazz on a small plastic radio

he's guarding a store full of things
that no one in their right mind
would ever attempt to steal

outside the streets are cold and empty
there is nowhere to go
nothing to do
no one to see

the steam pipes cough

dead musicians play
a lonely music


how does a man walk at six o'clock

like a river

        like a blade of grass

               like an insect death

                      like first light on a doomed city

                             like blackbirds exploding

from a dead


        like mountain dust

               like slow gunpowder drift as

i put the moon up to my skull & pull the trigger

                             may 5,69


Wedding Poem

Four eyes                  One vision
Four feet                   One road
Four lips                    One kiss

Two tongues              One song
Two hearts                One beat
Two souls                  One soul

Many friends             One celebration
Many children           One family
Many pathways         One journey

May you walk together all your days
in peace and beauty, surrounded by love
and light


Love at First Sight

a soft crescent of lite
turning slowly in the sky
it is the moon
it becomes a smile
it becomes yr face

there are thousands of stars in the sky
twinkling twinkling
now there are only two
yr eyes

you turn to me &
  the air dances in the space between us



now i lay me down to fuck
to kiss an fondle touch an suck
if i shud come before my mate
then i will help her masturbate


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