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JOHN BENNETT, alias Jabony Welter, Achilles Jones, Jacob Black, other names, too, if you're interested, born 1938, Brooklyn, New York, stint in the army, bouncer in New Orleans, window washer in Washington, black sheep in Berkeley, surrounded at the moment through circumstances beyond my control by Japanese students, milling about with vacant eyes, as if the aftermath of Hiroshima is still shimmering down through the generations, accused in the accusative, nailed up but never down, resurrected time and again, timeless but seldom timely, approaching Zero Hour on the loading dock of the Ellis Island of life, lighting up my last roll-your-own as we speak, a little spooked but as ready to cross over as I've ever been. The way we were.

WEBSITES Vagabond Press
Hcolom Press

PUBLISHED BOOKS Cobras & Butterflies (shards), Mystery Island Press, 2008
Firestorm (shards), Pudding House Press, 2008
The Theory of Creation (shards), Vagabond Press, 2005
War All the Time (shards), Vagabond Press, 2005
The Birth of Road Rage (shards), Vagabond Press, 2005
Cheyenne of the Mind (shards), dPress, 2004
The Stardust Machine (shards), Mt. Aukum Press, Mt. Aukum, CA, 2002
We Don't Need Your Stinking Badges (shards), Butcher's Block Press, Oneonta, NY, 2001
Fire in the Hole (shards), Argonne House, Washington, D.C., 2001
Greatest Hits (poetry), Pudding House, Johnstown, OH, 2001.
Betrayal's Like That (prose/poetry), Vagabond Press, 2000
Domestic Violence (shards), FourSep Publications, Milwaukee, WI, 1998.
The Moth Eaters (stories), Angelflesh Press, Grand Rapids, MI, 1998.
Rodeo Town (stories), Vagabond Press, 1997.
Karmic Four-Star Buckaroo (stories/essays/shards), Pudding House, Johnstown, OH, 1997.
Bodo (novel),Smith Publishers, NYC, 1995, Quartet Books, London, 1996, Mata Publishers, Prague, 1997 (Czech translation)
The Names We Go By (novella & stories), December Press, 1993.
Flying to Cambodia (novella), Smith Publishers, NYC, 1991.
The New World Order (stories), Smith Publishers, NYC, 1991.
Crime of the Century (social commentary), Second Coming Press, San Francisco, 1986.
Survival Song, (journal--three volumes), Vagabond Press, 1986.
Tripping in America (travel journal), Vagabond Press, 1984.
The White Papers (essays), Vagabond Press, 1982/83. (Four volumes.)
Crazy Girl on the Bus (poems),Vagabond Press, Ellensburg, 1979.
Whiplash on the Couch (stories/poems), Duck Down Press, Fallon, NV, 1979.
The Adventures of Achilles Jones (novel), Thorp Springs Press, Austin/Berkeley, 1979.
La-La Poems, Ghost Dance Press, MSU, East Lansing, MI, 1977.
The Party to End All Parties (stories), Fault Press, Fairfax, CA, 1976.
The Night of the Great Butcher (stories), December Press, Chicago, 1976.
Anarchistic Murmurs from a High Mountain Valley (prose poems), Vagabond Press, Ellensburg, 1975.

Rug Burn (CD) (shards), Vagabond Press, 1999

Adam in the Year One (surreal Vietnam drama),Vagabond Productions, 1987

The Living Underground, Whitston Pub. Co., NYC, 1973.
Wormwood Review #55, Special Section, Stockton, CA, 1974.
Poets West, Perivale Press, Van Nuys, CA, 1975.
The Pushcart Prize Anthology, Pushcart Press, Wainscott, NY, 1976.
The Vagabond Anthology - Best of the first decade of Vagabond magazine,Vagabond Press, 1978.
The Ellensburg Anthology, D Press, Ellensburg, Washington, 1980
Editor's Choice Anthology Best of the Small Press, 1965-77, The Spirit That Moves Us Press, Iowa City, IA, 1980.
Fiction/82, Paycock Press, Washington, DC, 1982.
Green Isle in the Sea (small-press personality profiles), December Press, Chicago, 1986.
Stiffest of the Corpse - Best of the Exquisite Corpse, Baton Rouge, LA, 1989.
The Party Train (prose poem anthology), New Rivers Press, Minneapolis, MN, 1994.
The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, Thunder's Mouth Press, NYC, 1999.

AWARDS Iron Country Anthology (Washington state writing competition -- 1st prize in fiction), Copper Canyon Press, Port Townsend, WA, 1978.
The William Wantling Award (for Crime of the Century ), Second Coming Press, San Francisco, 1987.
The Darrell Bob Houston Award , Tom Robins, committee chair (for the essay "De-euphemizing the Sixties," Clinton Street Quarterly, Portland/Seattle, 1988).
Finalist, Drue Heinz Literary Prize, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1991.


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