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DAVID MANSFIELD BROMIGE, born October 22, 1933 is a Canadian poet. He has published forty books, each one so different from the others as to seem to be the work of a different author. Bromige is often associated with the language poets, but this connection is based mainly on his close friendships with some of those poets. It is difficult to fit Bromige into a slot. He departs from language poetry in the thematic unity of many of his poems, in the uses to which he puts found materials, with the romantic aspect of his lyricism, and with the sheer variety of his approaches to the poem. Bromige has twice been honored by the Poet's Foundation with awards. He won a Woodrow Wilson Scholarship and graduated from UC Berkeley. Bromige took a teaching position in the English Department at Sonoma State University in 1970. The 1980s started with a Pushcart Prize for My Poetry and ended with the Western States Poetry Award for his selected poems, Desire. At present, he collaborates with Richard Denner. Among their works is the critically acclaimed epic poem, 100 Cantos.

An online bibliography can be viewed at the SUNY Buffalo Electronic Poetry Center: http://epc.buffalo.edu/authors/bromige/index.html

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