The Wild Dog Distinguished Service Cross
by Charles Potts
for John Oliver Simon

from Berkeley Daze


Let the headlines on the next
Grass Prophet Review
"Laffing Water drops out"

For I simply cannot take
Anybody else's history
Back and forth across
The bridge to print

To quote the Rabbi
In GPR #5
"Politics is men distorted by time"
And that includes all the participants
And perceivers who regard it
With anything but horror
And ignore

The kind of liberty
Cleaver will be able to
Get high with guns
To free the blacks
So they can prepare for
Self oppression

And I have been convinced
The United States is over
And the less I have to do with them
The more I'll be able to
Do with myself

I had that trip called concern yourself
With everybody's business
Before my own
Put on me by myself
As well as the most astute
Edward Dorn
Who is as classicists go
A true one
Lover of men
Champion of oppressed people
Defender of lost causes

Whose singular bag of adjectives
Makes music of
What now turns to shit
In my mouth
I give the cross to you
'Cause you helped most
To free me from it
And made me content
With simple undertakings*

It is hard enough
To get out of
And let the water
Find its way

Forward and back
Across the abyss
To White Knob

Wild Dog
High on Cliff Crik
Aspen leaves
Does anybody remember when. . .

*The WDDSC was taped and broadcast over KPFA as the finale in a program of responses from quote responsible community leaders to Sirhan Bishra Sirhan's application of a principle dear to my heart, one man, one vote. Wild Dog page 2


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