by Charles Potts

from Berkeley Daze


The sounds I'm hearing
Are putting me in a trance
From which I may not
Come out alive

Bodhisattvas we
Will not survive
The revolution
In a house in this much dis

When it becomes
Absolutely necessary
I must leave

Apparently only one must die
For no cause
I have done everything
I can except write the last words

Let it be said everywhere
The more who know
The fewer who die
So tell it all

It has begun
And the bells of when
The saints go marching in
With Abraham and Jeremiah
Euripides and Zeus
Lawrence and Ford
Duncan and Whalen
Laffing Water   Laffing Gas

I have evaporated
You all are rising
Let each of you cast the first

The many armed ambiguity
No blame comes
To the sleeping


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