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CHARLES POTTS was the driving force underneath The Temple Bookstore, The Temple magazine, and The Temple School of Poetry. He received the Distinguished Professional Achievement Award in 1994 from the Alumni Association and the College of Arts and Sciences of Idaho State University. He founded Litmus Inc. in Seattle and Berkeley, which published 18 first editions including Charles Bukowski's Poems Written Before Jumping Out of an 8-Story Window in 1968. Potts is frequently on TV and radio nationwide.

Recent Charles Potts books include a reprint of Little Lord Shiva: The Berkeley Poems, 1968, from Glass Eye Books; Lost River Mountain from Blue Begonia Press; Fascist Haikus. from Acid Press; Angio Gram from D Press; Nature Lovers from Pleasure Boat Studio; Slash and Burn with Robert McNealy from Blue Begonia Press; and Across the North Pacific from Slough Press in College Station, Texas.

He founded Tsunami Inc., a vertically integrated international publishing venture, which published The Temple magazine, for six years ending in 2002 and several fine first editions of poetry by Stephen Thomas, Teri Zipf, Jim Bodeen, Travis Catsull, klipschutz, and the widely appreciated anthology, Pacific Northwestern Spiritual Poetry.

Potts produced or co-produced The Walla Walla Poetry Party in several renditions commencing in 1990. The Temple Bookstore bricks and mortar version at 40 S Colville had readings twice a week from September 2002 until it closed. The Temple building per se, at 129 East Alder in Walla Walla, began life in 1905 as a Free & Affiliated Masonic Temple with a balcony and 20 foot ceilings in the two upstairs dance, Yoga, and performing arts centers. The Temple was designed and built for the Masons by Henry Osterman, a Mason and doyen of Victorian era architects in Walla Walla. It is in process of a lengthy restoration.

Charles Potts is a Master Practitioner in the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming, an Accomplished Toastmaster, and from 1988-1994, he was the Northwest Representative for the Pinxxiee Corporation and Chinese Computer Communications, Inc. He has been a published writer since his first appearance in Wild Dog in 1963.

The president and founder of Palouse Management Inc., Potts is a real estate broker who served as a director of the Washington Apartment Association in the 1980s. He has been a candidate for city council and port commissioner. From 1993 to 1996 he represented the 5th Congressional District on the Executive Committee of the Washington State Democratic Party. In the mid-nineties he spent a year in Fukuoka, Japan, where he studied the structure of Japanese language and culture.

Now that he has retired he has more time to devote to his own writing. He toured Michigan and Ohio with Stephen Thomas in 2001; Utah, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas in 2002. His biography is included in Marquis Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World, and Who's Who in the West.

* Valga Krusa (reissued in two volumes), Green Panda Press, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 2007
* The Portable Potts, West End Press, Alburquerque, New Mexico, 2005
* Kiot: Selected Early Poems, 1963-1977, Blue Begonia Press, Yakima, Washington, 2005
* Compostrella/Starfield, Time Barn Books, Nashville, Tennessee, 2004
* Across the North Pacific, Slough Press, College Station, Texas, 2002
* Lucintite TM, Butcher Shop Press, Oneonta, New York 2002
* Slash and Burn, Blue Begonia Press, with Robert McNealy, Yakima, Washington, 2001
* Prophet/Profit, Poetnoise, with Chris Bodor, Beacon, New York, 2001
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* Little Lord Shiva: The Berkeley Poems, 1968, Glass Eye Books, Northampton, Massachusetts, 1999
* Lost River Mountain, Blue Begonia Press, Yakima, Washington, 1999
* Fascist Haikus, Acid Press, Pocatello, Idaho, 1999
* 100 Years in Idaho, Tsunami Inc., Walla Walla, Washington, 1996
* How the South Finally Won the Civil War, Tsunami Inc., 1995
* Loading Las Vegas, Current, Walla Walla, Washington, 1991
* The Dictatorship of the Environment, Druid Books, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1991
* A Rite to the Body, Ghost Dance Press, East Lansing, Michigan, 1989
* Rocky Mountain Man, (Selected Poems) The Smith, New York City, 1978
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* The Opium Must Go Thru, Litmus Inc., with illustrations by Robert McNealy, 1976
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* Poet's Book-Shelf, The Barnwood Press, Selma, Indiana, 2005
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* Image, Seattle Arts Commission, Seattle, Washington, 1991
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* Idaho's Poetry, A Centennial Anthology, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, 1988
* Cafe Solo, Solo Press, Atascadero, California, 1988
* Gargoyle Fiction '84, Paycock Press, Washington, D.C., 1984
* A Critical (Ninth) Assembling (Precisely: 6789), Richard Kostelanetz, editor, New York, 1979
* Turpentin on the Rocks, Marlo Verlag, Dusseldorf, Germany, 1978
* The Face of Poetry, Gallimaufry Press, Arlington, Virginia, 1977
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* The Anthology, (of poems read at first COSMEP conference), Berkeley, California, 1969
* Do You Want to be in Our Zoo Too, Zoo Press, Pocatello, Idaho, 1966


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