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David Magdalene David Madgalene is a writer living in Northern California
Jake Marmer Jake Marmer
Jerry Martien Jerry Martien has published a collection of poems, Pieces in Place, and Shell Game: A True Account of Beads and Money in North America. Recently he has recorded a CD, The Road to Heaven ( and a poetry chapbook, At The School of Doors (Tangram).

Martien has taught writing at Humboldt State University and in rural schools, and continues to work as a carpenter. He has lived on the coast of northern California since 1970.

Susan McKechnie Susan McKechnie has been writing and reading in the Hudson Valley area for the past 20 years. Her works have been published in Long Shot, Hunger Magazine, Milk and Heaven Bone, among others. She lives and works in New Paltz, NY amidst orchids, photographs, kids, textbooks, forest, lots of scraps of paper and no longer, sadly, dogs.
John McKernan John McKernan is now a retired comma herder  He lives – mostly – in West Virginia where he edits ABZ Press  His most recent book is a selected poems Resurrection of the Dust.
 Anna Menyhert Anna Menyhert writes poetry, essays, criticism, tales for children. Her last book of essays, Speaking the Unspeakable. Trauma and Literature was published in 2008 in Hungary. Her book of poems, Amulet Box appeared in 2009. She teaches creative writing, she is Vice President of the European Writers’ Council and director of Hungarian Literary Authors’ Collecting Society.
Mosah Morazadeh Mosa Moradzadeh AKA OnePixArt a visual artist, integrating the camera and digital technology, inspired by spiritual and social-economical issues of our time. Sstudied architecture at Pratt Institute, NY. In the early eighties pursued painting and showed his work in New York and Los Angeles. His work has subsequently become a part of various public and private collections.
Tom Murphy Tom Murphy grew up in Barron Park, an unincorporated section of Palo Alto, CA. Murphy first published poems and fiction in 1986. Distinguished as Foothill College’s Creative Writing Student of the year, 1985, and winner of the Charles Gordone award in both fiction and poetry 2000 & 2001 respectively. Murphy has recently published in Beatitude: Golden Anniversary Edition, Nebula and the last few issues of the Windward Review. He continues to pen visceral poems, fiction, personal essays, literary articles, interviews and of late he has expanded into creating art in the mediums of photography, video and multimedia. Tom also has presented personal and critical research on punk rocker Ricky Williams of Sleepers & Toiling Midgets and the sculptures of John Chamberlain at the Popular Culture National and Black Mountain College conferences. Moreover, Tom’s essays on cyborg theory in conjunction with, Car: A Novel by Harry Crews and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson are online publications. He lives with his wife and their three daughters while an instructor at Texas A&M University—Corpus Christi.
Murat Nemet Nejat Poet, translator and essayist, Murat Nemet Nejat’s work includes Eda: A Contemporary Anthology of Turkish Poetry, edited by Murat Nemet-Nejat (Talisman Books, 2004), the translation books Orhan Veli. I, Orhan Veli (Hanging Loose Press, 1989), Ece Ayhan. A Blind Cat Black and Orthodoxies (Sun and Moon Press, 1997), the essay The Peripheral Space of Photography (Green Integer Press, 2004) and the poems "I Did My Best Work During a Writer's Block (First Identity, 2009), “Disappearances” (Zen Monster, 2010), Alphabet Dialogues/Penis Monologues (Kaurab, 2010). The poem The Spiritual Life of Replicants will be published by Talisman Books in March 2011. Murat Nemet-Nejat is presently working on the poem The Structure of Escape of which The Spiritual Life constitutes section VI. Nejat's translation of Seyhan Erozçelik's Rosestrikes and Coffee Grinds is reviewed in this issue by Joseph Donahue.
Alexandre Neirum Alexandre Nerium
Pat Nolan Pat Nolan's poetry and prose have been published in numerous magazines and anthologies in Europe and Asia as well as North America including Otolith, Exquisite Corpse Annual #2, Saints Of Hysteria, Golden Handcuffs, Simply Haiku, The Offending Adam, and Monkey Puzzle.  Life of Crime, Newsletter of The Black Bart Poetry Society which he published in the 80’s was recently collected into one volume and reissued as Life of Crime, Documents In The Guerrilla War Against Language Poetry (Poltroon Press, 2009). He is a founding member, along with Mike Sowl, Maureen Owen, and Keith Abbott, of the Miner School of Haikai Poets.  He has been writing haikai no renga (linked verse) with Sandy Berrigan since 1993. He has published over a dozen books of poetry including a selection of prose poems, Intellectual Pretentions, from Editions de Jacob (2009). He lives among the redwood wilds along the lower Russian River in Northern California. 
Olga Novo Olga Novo
John Olson John Olson's most recent publications include The Nothing That Is, an autobiographical novel written in the 2nd person, from Ravenna Press, and Souls Of Wind, a novel about the exploits of Arthur Rimbaud in the American West, which was shortlisted for the 2008 The Believer Magazine book of the year award. Backscatter: New And Selected Poems, was published by Black Widow Press in 2008. Larynx Galaxy, a collection of prose poetry, flash fiction, and essays, is forthcoming from Black Widow Press in the spring of 2011. He has received the Fund For Poetry Award three times, and in 2004 received the genius award for literature from Seattle's popular weekly The Stranger. He also maintains a blog, Tillalala Chronicles, at

Nina Pak Nina Pak "I worked as the curator for the Glendale Arts Council for many years. I was the design editor for AustralAsia magazine in Moscow Russia. Now I work with digital photography, and Alt process printing, publication, hand-made art  books, visual journals, collaborative art books, Compact Disc packaging, design & layout. My education was in painting and printmaking. I am now an award winning photographer who has been published in numerous books and magazines. One of my hand made book collections, Dreamchild Dreaming is part of the permanent Rare Books Archives at the University of Arizona Photo Department. I do presentations on my style and process to organizations such as The PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and the Mensa Regional gatherings. I also do the stills for Indie films. Current projects include look-books for designers, and portfolio development for models and actors."
Frank Parker Frank Parker is the author of three books of poetry, Heart Shaped Blossoms (1993-2007), zig-zag journeys (2009), and Win Po: a work in progress (2010), all from Obscure Press in Tucson, AZ. He edits the online journal Frank's Home: An Active Anthology of Verse and publishes widely on the web. He initiated the idea of Facebook Broadsides because he likes to play. He’s a member of the Board of Directors of POG, a poetry organization that produces an annual Fall and Spring reading series in Tucson, Arizona. He is the sound technician for POG and Chax Press readings and The Drawing Studio Art Forum. He’s webmaster and editor of the POG web site and POG Sound, the audio archive for POG and Chax Press.
Gary Parrish

One time 82nd Airborne Paratrooper, Gary Parrish (b. 1977) received his BA from Naropa University (06) and MFA from Long Island University (2009) where he won the school's Ester Hyneman Award for Poetics. Parrish co-edited Poems From Penny Lane (Farfalla Press, 2003), an anthology featuring over 70 poets chronicling 20 years of poetry in and around Naropa University. Parrish is the 2006 Pedro Pietri Memorial Prize recipient, awarded by The Bowery Arts and Sciences, LTD. He co-curated the yearlong Bowery Broadside Reading Series (2007) featuring original artwork by George Schneeman at the Bowery Poetry Center in New York City. Parrish's poetry and commentary can be found in Pinstripe Fedora, Big Bridge, ADR, Downtown Brooklyn, Four-Quarter Review, Puppy Flowers, The Recluse and Bombay Gin, among others. The Meek, a long poem, was translated into Italian by Tiziano Fratus and published in the journal, Ludwig (Torino Poesia Press2008). Parrish's latest book Drive-in Picture Show is available through his publisher Erudite Fangs.


Maximus Parthas Maximus Parthas is a true Word Warrior. The outspoken husband and partner of Tribal Raine. The other half of the duet Maximum Impact. He is a multi- talented, multi published and recorded culturally creative. A charismatic and driven artist. A poet with an agenda. Max easily takes on beasts like corporate religion, censorship, corruption, capitalism, revolution, evolution, abortion and inequity. When you hear him, you realize this is an old road and an old soul travels it. From giving presidential nominees the hard questions, to empowering those he comes into contact with, Max is a virtual hyperlink. A fearless linguist who has performed across the nation with legends and leaders of a New Word Order. “Amiri Baraka, Abyss, The Last Poets, Steve Arrington, Gordon Chambers, Nappy Roots, Queen Sheba, Black Ice, and many more.” He is a controversial visionary and freethinker who's poetic works have garnered numerous honors and awards, including an unprecedented 12 TOP TEN singles on the Maximum Impact END GAME CD project. Host of the popular monthly World Wide streaming showcase "The Session LIVE!!!" Max is an eclectic, powerful and vibrant force in our industry. An iconic figure with enduring character often referred to as a pioneer of our genre.
Whether performing, hosting an event, or simply at a speaking engagement, Maximus Parthas is always going to be an experience to remember.
Christopher Perez Christopher R. Perez: Born and raised in Colorado and living in Denver, I am a self-taught photographer. I’ve been showing my work for 15 years, addicted to Polaroids, film and now wet plate collodion, driven by the analog processes…. I am currently working on a series of Unadorned portraits…
Paul Pines Paul Pines grew up in Brooklyn, passed the early sixties on the Lower East Side of New York, shipped out as a merchant seaman, spending 1965-66 in Vietnam. He opened a jazz club, The Tin Palace, on the corner of 2nd Street & Bowery, in 1973, the setting for his novel, The Tin Angel (Morrow).  Kirkus Review describes his memoirs, My Brother’s Madness as “…ultimately a story of our own humanity.” Pines has published seven collections of poetry, the latest of which is Last Call at the Tin Palace (Marshawk, 09). His poems have been set by composer Daniel Asia and their collaboration, The Tin Angel Opera,  will be performed by the Center for Contemporary Opera in NYC this April. Pines has published translations from the Spanish of work by Nicanor Parra, Roque Dalton and Sylvia Molina, for which he is grateful to have had the guiding hands of Hardie St. Martin and David Unger. He lives in Glens Falls, NY where he practices as a psychotherapist and hosts the Lake George Jazz Weekend.   
Matthew Rambo  Questionmark Matthew Rambo Questionmark does not believe in cars or children. He walks around the Midwest impersonating Walt Whitman.
Loreto Riveiro Loreto Riveiro (born in Caracas in 1971, but living in Galicia since 1974) graduated in English Philology from the University of Santiago de Compostela in 1996 and completed a post-graduate course on Translation and Technologies at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. She has been a teacher and a technical translator/interpreter for a company in the chemical industry. She is currently a freelance translator with her own translation cabinet, Litterate Soluciones Lingüísticas (

Together with F. R. Lavandeira, she has translated poems by a number of American women writers into Spanish and Galician: Wanda Phipps, Denise Duhamel, Terri Carrión and Beth Ann Fenelly (Barbantia magazine, November 2008). With  F. R. Lavandeira, she has also taken part in an International Translation Seminar (Auliga-Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia), when they first presented their translations into Galician of a selection of poems by Richard Berengarten. They are currently working on several projects involving poetry translation into Galician. 

Richard Rizzi Richard Rizzi was born on New Year's Eve 1936 in the backroom of a pool hall in Brooklyn, NY to an unwed factory worker, Vera, and the gangster Duke Rizzi. After serving in the United States Army in Occupied Germany he returned to the US to pursue his career in Jazz as a tenor and alto saxophone player. From 1947 to the present he studied art and literature. He also studied Zen Shiatsu with the late Master Masanaga and Master Yuho. In addition to writing poetry, Richard has spent the last 30 years as a Performance and Multi Media Artist. He currently lives in New Paltz, New York.
John Roche John Roche lives south of Rochester, NY. His full-length poetry collections, Topicalities (2008) and On Conesus (2005) are available from Foothills Publishing (Kanona, NY) at
A print version of Road Ghosts is available from theenk Books (Palmyra, NY) at
Martin Rosenstock Martin Rosenstock received his PhD in German Literature from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2007. He now teaches at the University of Connecticut. His interests include film, modern literature, and popular culture, especially crime and detective fiction. Currently, he is working on a book that considers failed detectives.
Jrome Rothenberg Jerome Rothenberg is an internationally known poet, polemicist, translator and anthologist with over eighty books of poetry and ten assemblages of traditional and contemporary poetry such as Technicians of the Sacred and Poems for the Millennium. Poetics & Polemics [essays] 1985-2005 appeared in 2008, and a nineteenth-century prequel to Poems for the Millennium, co-edited with Jeffrey Robinson, was published in January 2009.  He was a founding figure of ethnopoetics as a combination of poetic practice and theory, and he has been a longtime practitioner and theorist of poetry performance. Triptych, his thirteenth book of poems from New Directions, appeared in 2007, and books of his poetry published in 2010 and 2011 include Concealments & Caprichos (Black Widow Press), Gematria Complete (Marick Press) and Retrievals: Uncollected & New Poems 2005-2010 (Junction Press).
Jacob Russell
Jacob Russell lives in South Philly with Murphy-the-Cat and “Spirit Stick-who-walks-with-me.”  He’s currently working on a multi-volume work, A Poem to the End of My Days, drawn from Journal entries interspersed with new material .  He expects to see a chapbook of the first Rondo in print by April.  In the past year, his work has been published in dcomP,  Criiphoria 2, Conversational Magazine, Connotations, BlazeVox, Scythe,  Battered Suitcase, Clockwise Cat, Apiary, Fox Chase Journal,  Connotations,  Dance Macabre. Pedestal, and Retort, and he has made and decorated one-of-a-kind covers for his chapbook: The Poem Tree.  He manages the literary blog: Jacob Russell’s Barking Dog
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