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Invisible Heads: Surrealists in North America – An Untold Story
Edited by Thom Burns and Allan Graubard
Anon Edition, 2011
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Surrealism in North America has a fractured history, with several arcs of continuity. Here is the story of one collective that evolves in five cities through various groups over four decades. Poets, artists, dance theater and theatre creators, photographers, composers, sculptors, inventors, critics, and seekers -- friends and colleagues all – their oeuvres and interventions track their effort to refine a revolutionary poetic presence precise to time and place: a living adaptive force that flowers from marvelous encounters, discoveries, and collaborations. Essential to understanding the fate of surrealism in North America, this history has now found its voice and compass, just beyond the limits set by the past.

Richly illustrated, with texts, poems, games, and commentary in two volumes.

The book includes works by Schlechter Duvall, C. Brooke Rothwell, Ira Cohen, Will Alexander, Alice Farley, Jack Dauben, Mike Kabotie, Richard Waara, Terri Engel, Jon Graham and many more. It also represents the vital enduring relationships established between younger surrealists in North America with older surrealists who exerted, and still exert, a profound influence in their medium of expression such as Clarence John Laughlin, Eugenio Granell, Philip Lamantia, Mario Cesariny, Marie Wilson, Radovan Ivsic and Annie Le Brun.


The Concession Stand: Exaptation at the Margins
Arpine Konyalian Grenier

This hybrid text of prose and poetry brings Helene Cixous to mind. Both writers share a style, mastery of theory and concern for the poetics of reading and writing lives, selves, memory, history and the spaces in-between. History belongs to the domain of the universe. We must be gentle with it, go around it. That may be the antidote to the shame of being alive, says Konyalian Grenier. The elusive prose moments presented in these eight pieces beg an unknowing; maybe we don’t know or fully understand, but can we keep going anyway – and can we feel something in the process? Philosophy fails, but does silence? How to get from the brain to the heart is the task, she notes, and there is a sense that somewhere within the slippery but hopeful silences of her words, there, between the pages and her refusal to catalog and customize and cure us of the human, the way is lit. As she notes, hope lives there, a materiality that is luminous and forgiving of matter. Where “the word” meets itself is where we are – at the concession stand - magical and mundane a space that welcomes exaptation, possibilities.

84 pages
Otoliths, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9807651-5-1 
$16.95 + p&h
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Journey Home
David Gitin

reviewed by Curtis Faville at The Compass Rose


How Can We Make Your Power More Comfortable?
Norman Ball

Del Sol Press
2020 Penn. Ave., NW
Suite 443
Washington, D.C. 20006

ISBN-13: 978-1934832127
ISBN-10: 193483212X
$11.66 (Amazon)
Page Count: 252 pp
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9 in; 13.6 oz
Pub. Date: Dec. 3, 2010


Continent of Light
edited by David Madgalene

Contributors: Gordon Yaswen, Randelyn C. Webster, Mike Tuggle, Forest Staggs, Bill Scheffel, Michael Rothenberg, Christine Peasley, Toni Partington, James Miller, Errol Miller, David Meltzer, Andrew Mayer, Clive Matson, Juanita J. Martin, Jym Marks, Tom Mariani, Carl Macki, Christopher Luna, Kirk Lumpkin, Leah Lubin, F. L. Light, Katherine Hastings, Nancy C. Harris, Daniel Y. Harris, Kathy Halbrooks, Don Hagelberg, Philip Hackett, Granny Vee, Erica Goss, judi goldberg, Vilma Ginzberg, Joan Gelfand, Armando Garcia-Dàvila, Stefanie Freele, Karl W. Frederick, Eileen Davis Elliot, Nancy Cavers Doughtery, Geri Digiorno, Jack Crimmens, Ed Coletti, John Chinworth, Neeli Cherkovski, Rikki Chen, Terri Carrion, Jennie Frost Butler, Natascha Bruckner, Abby Lynn Bogomolny, Big Sway, Cynthia Helen Beecher, David Beckman, Michelle Baynes, Jennifer Barone, and Terry Adams

From an idea by: David James Randolph

Cover by Christopher Luna
Pub date: March 19, 2011
ISBN-13: 978-1456348250
ISBN-10: 1456348256
Genre: Poetry / General
List Price: $10.00
8" x 10" (20.32 x 25.4 cm)
Black & White on White paper
104 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace

Contact Person: David Madgalene

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Infernal Drums
by Anthony Wright

Infernal Drums is Anthony's first fiction novel, set in Mexico during the 1990s, that explores the occult, along with the spiritual awakening of protagonist Jonah Everman, a writer and romantic. Infernal Drums is an offbeat, literary road novel.

Jonah Everman regards himself as a writer who drifts, but is really a drifter who writes.

Journeying to Mexico in early 1996, he runs afoul of the law and pays out big to avoid jail. He then heads to the capital where he finds some kindred spirits, newspaper work, and trouble in spades. Forging an unholy alliance with occult forces and a mad plan of revenge, Jonah’s moral destruction seems assured.

Or is it?

Infernal Drums takes the reader on a guided tour into the festering underworld of the drugwar-torn Mexico recent headlines have taught us all to fear. Anthony Wright knows his way around this seedy battlefield.
William Hjortsberg, author/screenwriter of Falling Angel (Angel Heart) and Legend

Anthony Wright, also author of the short story collection Smoke Ghosts & Other Outré Tales, presents powerful storytelling with a sense of compassion for people, the environment, and indigenous customs and beliefs. His perceptive description of native peoples, places, and beliefs mingles with modern-day explorers and flirts with magical realism. Wright has been compared to Burroughs, Bowles, Dostoyevsky, Kerouac, and even to some degree Joyce as he searches out the sacred and profane of contemporary society.

Category: Fiction
ISBN: 978-0-9813924-3-1
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Of Indigo and Saffron: New and Selected Poems
Michael McClure

ISBN: 978-0520262874
University of California Press
344 pages


American Tensions
Literature of Identity and Search for Social Justice
Fictions, poetry, and essays addressing the most pressing issues of our time
William Reichard, Editor

ISBN: 978-0-9815593-8-4
New Village Press
336 pages