call this derivative and beat it to the poison punch bowl
Daniel Suffian

Sing me a song to cry to wrap me in your arms and coddle me swaddle me in tears speak
to me like the rain and let me listen give me a turban of tears drown me in my own
sorrow rock me in Melody’s so I can weep lay me in your tits tuck my head in block out
the sound with tit meat wrap my head in cunt to keep out the sounds of sobbing with tits
and legs and cunt and cock and moaning and sweat sweet sweat wash my tear glands in
no more tears wash rinse and repeat curse re-curse the day I was born the days I died
curse the days and nights especially the nights the crack seeking nights the whore seeking
nights the balmy girl and boy on every corner of the set nights the nights with no girl or
boy and only gank on the cold corner nights when nothing works not cruising or scoring
or fucking or sucking and the ceiling staring nights when no dreams may come the sky is
crying but I’m out of tunes my harmonies rot on the vine, bitter rotten strange white fruit
tucked in the end of a straight shooter a boo-yah to blow my brains out I point the straight
shooter straight at my head and cock, cock and pull the trigger pull all the triggers pull
long and slow puff white smoke plaster my brains all over the sheet rock in the corner of
the room where night after night I blast my brains out blast the past blast the future the
present sorrow sucks the marrow from my bones bones tore up from the floor up with
nothing to show and even the yets are gone gone baby gone all the love is gone and the
lust and hope and dreams and tears and laughs all gone how pathetic this man, ignoble
piteous and mad