I Flip From
Martin Keith Stallings

These are the seconds
The days
And times
That I flip from demonic
To G-O-Divine

I flip from
Loving the swine
And diving inside of females
That need be refined
To holistic minds

I flip from
Perfunctory rhyming
To connecting my lines
And making my points
I study like brothers rolled up in joints
As the system smokes their lives away
I say
They’re burned up for not bowing down
To fascist magistrates

I flip from
Western Civil –LIE-Zation
To eastern spiritual location
Same plantation
Just in tuned to a higher vibration

I flip from
Missouri maximum state of mind
To universal-sublime
I explore galaxies
As lesser me search for signs
At the same time

Ill dichotomy
Two branches
Extending from the same tree
One reaching for ginseng
The other is O.E.

But it’s all philosophy
Don’t knock me ‘cause I didn’t buy it
Be it pagan religion or Trident
A spiritual warfare
Imagine Ra versus Poseidon

I’ve been asleep through waking hours
Because subconsciously
I knew the world slept with me
But I rose swiftly
Like a sun late for morning
Like sweet chariots carrying home Prophet Harriet
Like two brothers on the late night
Who heard gun shots and took flight
‘Cause they only got one life to live

Yo’, right about now I wanna give a few shout outs
First, to all my corporate America people
Living paycheck to paycheck
“Do you remember of slavery?”

To all my sistas
Who believe in marriage as life after death
And worship the ring as the way, truth, and life
 “Do you remember the days of slavery?”

To my people who believe
Electing a black president
Ends racism
Shuts down the prison industrial complex
Closes payday loans and liquor stores
Removes the needle from the vain
Takes crack out the pipe
And turns water to wine
“Do you remember the days of slavery”

I flip from
Talking through drums
To rhyming on beats
About concrete truth that paves your streets
I flip from