Martin Keith Stallings

I cipher with Judas
Scribe with clueless
Fools with
Schizophrenic energy
So synergy’s elusive

I tend to be reclusive
Using public perception
As intimacy interception
To insure protection
From friendly deception

You know
Fraternizing foes
Swinging criticizing blows
Singing Necro-spirituals
That sound like today’s music

But I refuse to loose this
Grip on the M-I-C
‘Cause then I’d be
Voiceless in a sea
Of trunk rattling beats
And talented thieves

Who steal the time granted
Damaged families nurturing seeds
Planted in cracked pavement
Who grow up to see as much light as cavemen
And would pimp-slap Harriet Tubman
‘Cause they can’t stop slavin’