Doing Math With Dad
Shane Signorino

Doing math with dad was never ever no laughing matter
when he came home skid row drunk and stumble bum
into the kitchen where mama mixed bad brownie batter
while I poured over addition tables refusing to succumb
to his stupid+fucking+bitch=die/die/die tongue clatter
until growling like a german shepherd dad's black eyes
rolled over white lurching forward with sausage claws
wrapping them around mama's tiny throat-choked cries
you're killing me and your little baby Shane is watching
but his wife's bulging face turning blue didn't give pause
to his stranglehold before I tugged on his trucker jeans
yanking down his maniac gorilla arm at the hairy elbow
at just the right 90 degree angle by any mama boy means
necessary even if I must crucify him like an old scarecrow