Blackest of Crowes Encomium
Shane Signorino

Oh my Streetwise Dead Eyes Atlanta-Born Shaman
sing to me of twilight black moons creepin’ in
shinin’ fine on your Ozone Mama’s dream-sleepin’

sing me tall tales of over-the-road hotel illness
may the reddest of lights shine upon you stillness
and why your sickness has now become my business

sing to me about the sweetness of the blackberry
how she plays hide-and-go-seek with your bumble-bee
you beggin’ “hey baby pay some attention to me”

sing to me ballads of the girl with pawnshop eyes
leaving one tear on the barroom floor as she cries
over the letter she reads about her last lover’s lies

sing to me of Sister Luck’s bedroom shame
sounds of her screaming out someone else’s name
holdin’ your hand over a candle feelin’ no pain

Oh sing to me of pass-me-down Remedy blues
your Champagne & Reefer medicine makin’ news
and why if I try to drink with you, I’m surely gonna lose

sing to me “feed me milk and honey lay me down”
ask me to get high and go live underground
where you got my soul singin’ to Communists lyin’ around

Throw It On
my Black Crowe Harpin’ Harmonica King
show me 3 snakes-1 charm- and your ruby ring
please take me to the 7 seas for my proper baptizing

Come on Baby
tell me all about your LoDowntown Money Waster
her spoiled flower still begging you to taste her
following her scent, down the street you chased her

Preach on Daddy
sing to me of your lover’s Book of Revelation
your forty-four loaded with Everyman’s temptation
why too many late nights close the doors to heaven

Just sing to me once tonight
at midnight at moonlight
make everything all right
dance the Freak & Roll
dance the Freak & Roll
dance the Freak & Roll
before the lights go go
go down go down go down
on your last Rock Show!