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Maximus Parthas

what. . . .
Happened to Hip Hop.
She was an all American girl.
Born in a NYC Borough
Her Granddad was a panther and a poet
Great Grandpa was a southern Baptist minister.
Don’t even act like you don’t know it.
Her mama was the reeeeeal Roxanne.
A fine MC Lyte skinned chick
with a little Salt in her walk and Peppa in her talk.
It's like I told ya.
She was both a Sista Soldja.
And a Queen Latifa
who put the U and I
back in U.N.I.T.Y.
Lately lady Hip Hop has been looking really wack
She’s bitchin and complaining
her neck…
and her back….

She was a such Foxy Brown mama in her hey ya day.
Now she works for a P. I. M. P. named Jay
And she’ll go all the way for a 50 cent lay.
Nothing left living but a lovely lady lump.
Krunked up on Bacardi
@ a Sean John and P. Ditty pity party.
I remember when she had me all Kriss Krossed,
and made me wanna JUMP! JUMP!
Her Daddy was a microphone fiend from the South
South, South Bronx.
And back in the day, when he was young
They called him Slick Rick The Ruler
Resident president of the Special Ed class.
The girls thought he was

He wore Addidas and Kangols
And T shirts made out of mesh.
4 finger rings and five pound chains.
A flashy Grand Master who still cut faster
than any known
Stoned to the bone
Unleashed, Unlaced and carried a Big Daddy Kane.
Hip Hop's hood was like a jungle
Sometimes it made me wonder how she kept from
goin under.
Yet, I’ll bet
That’s B. E. T.
If you took a quick walk with me across Queens
you’d find Hip Hop on Sugar Hill up in Mister
They’d be getting high on some Curtis Blow with a
couple of Fat Boys blazed.
Talkin bout those old school dayz...
She was Mos Def raised to grace a stage.
She had Flava Flave!
Bejeweled in Onyx and Ice T’d out with a big
necklace made out of a clock.
A dime piece with a time piece.
So So Def she could make the whole Planet Rock!
Her Immortal Technique was unique.
It was like her De La Soul had been born Brand

Truly in a league of her own.
But behind those eyes
Gangstarr’s roamed.
Niggaz With Attitudes and an aptitude to only have
Monie Love.
If only love could have saved her we could have
made her a Queen of soul.
She made us
feel whole.
Now, I didn’t know what her goals were
But somebody should have told her
That eventually she’d become a Public Enemy.
Seen as a BVD – STV
And all The Boyz In The Hood couldn’t save her
When she went Chasin Waterfalls and all the faux
ballers corporaped her.
A cash money crew who would do anything for a
dollar and a dream.
For them it was all about the benjamins what…
The C.R.E.A.M.
And I agree that it seems she’s a Slim Shady lady
and maybe doing more harm than good these days.
But we all hope, and we all pray
That she’ll come Back to life…
Back to reality…
Back to the here and now again…

And won’t be a nigga 4 life.
Happened To Hip Hop