Minor Seconds
Stephen Koritta

He’s the one you call
when you are short-staffed
and after
you have lost your temper.
He may well be
the world’s best listener.
A dozen forks, he carries with him
yet always
he is gone
before dinner.
Relationships are not without strings
and this fact he accepts.
He has covered your basses,
and is apt to notice
which pitches have drifted low
and to the left.
That you’ve become natural again
is no accident.
He makes it quick and painless.
He thinks of you
on a grand scale,
never fails to see that what assails you
is but one
in a series of hertz.
“Could be worse.”, he says.
With ears like his, he hears it all.
Though yours was clearly not his first conservatory,
He is the one you call.