Geoffrey D. Holman, A.K.A. Priest

We have been here before you and me—with these very same tears we
shed for the guilty—

the innocent—the dead.

We have been here before, have we not? On these corners where the
foolish and the unwise

have lain their heads/closed their eyes and have spilled their blood-mixing
with the tears of

those left to grieve—tasting the bitter Wine/grapes of loss and
pain/pungent aroma/striking

to the palate

We have stood here before /on these corners/surrounding the slain with
tears and candle

light vigils/with wilting flowers seasoned with the Salt of our loss-anointed

baptized in our tears—burned into the Carbonate of our souls—yes.....We
have been here

before—on the roads where fairness and life have not met.