Swapping spit with Isaac
Erin Goss

obedient like Newton’s first thermodynamic 
matter neither created nor destroyed is static 
like Sisters of Mercy coveting Magdalene’s spindle 
the Shroud of Turin, claiming it’s fundamental 
blessed by sweat & blood. Finite. Intrinsic. 

heresy to mention chaos, randomness without logic
they bullwhip the peasant the server mechanic 
then shell out billions ka-jillions in pounds & rubles  
for us to suck it up suck suck it up *slurp* 

organize now my fellow thieves & hermeneutists 
brandish your magnify glass, hone your antics 
like Eshu’s black & white cap joint parables 
crag the petit demagogues boasting miracles
for us to suck it up suck suck it up *slurp*