Ptolemy for Orleans
Erin Goss

Hurricane Fema done wipe the NOLA state clean
cleared the way for yeee haw drill baby drill wheee
a thrill after all the Big Easy’s still, space silent. Not Cage-like.
Silence!  Simon Says pay attention to this knight stick
poised over parishioner’s knuckles, rattatatat for green

strike one strike two strike lucky ecological pipe dream
Lucy’s squirtin’ the deap horizon with crushed coal streams
the lush, flushed out coast, Texas French toast-like
just jones’n to soak, to suck, filter up all that black blood.

awe baby awe! we want you to spill it. spill it all baby
let loose those greasy balls upon the ocean its algae
BP's hiring “dip-shits” to scoop “tar balls” for kicks
oyster beds, shrimp, jambalaya touched by the slick
now threatened by quirkier beyond petroleum schemes
just jones’n to soak, suck, filter up all that black blood.