Chella Courington


Little Red Riding Hood
Runs through the woods
Happy I say
Celebrating I say
Decorated with red roses I say
Flo packs her bag
Falls off the roof
Sharks circle
Nile runs red
Noses bleed
Meralda has a nosebleed
Monkey has a nosebleed too
No sex I say
Playground’s muddy
Ride the banana now
Drive the red car now
Slip me some lipstick
I need a tube now
Ruthie rotten crotch draws closer
I say good news
I say ride the rag
I say on the rag
Bloody beast
Dragon time
Saint Menses I say
Ride the moon I say
Howl at the moon I say
Brown towel night
Black towel night
Bloody Mary  
Hopping rabbits
Plum pudding  
Cherry topping
Cotton candy
Drip drop
Dead rat  
Damn curse 
I say B. L. A. S. P.
Bleed like a stuck pig