Still Tippin (Reprise)
Christopher K.P. Brown

Hungry like a bottom boy treated to Bonanza
still got stamina when it comes to a stanza
and stanzas ain’t suppose to stand still
ain’t suppose to be stagnant
rhymes like that collect dust in the attic
in the New Day my folks will bump poetry in traffic
will play us on clear channel
noontime and no static
will take our lines and quote us in their status
will print our lines on fabrics
then wear our lines to classes
will debate about which poetry albums are classics
in the New Day this will be respected by the masses,

New stanza,
bottom boy, story still tragic
don’t believe in movements
don’t believe in magic
ink filled apparatus jottin out the mission
the forces is still with us, notebooks become kitchens
but what’s an industry if no once cares what you’re cooking up
what’s the point of good food
if your folks never eat it
careers get deleted
cause poets be serving food for thought
with only poets at the table
so this industry is wobbly
this industry ain’t stable
couldn’t care less about
a def poet signed to a label
what’s a def poet
when you can’t afford cable
plus cable shows fables
and our narratives are real
around here
narratives of hard times are easy to feel
but most poets never offer the people a good meal
they just fill notebooks with nutrients then keem em concealed
never revealed to the masses that need em the most
so I place these passages in places that have no hosts
place these passages in places they say have no hope
just hunger
not even niggas saying deep
no Bonanza
these stanzas were styled for the streets that we live on
jotted in the bed that I sleep on
this food for thought
is served in my community
where it belongs.