About the Author
Mark Bromberg

I know average stuff for my height
          and I've learned some few things.
                   I've even remembered a couple
                             that experience brings:
That if you're not careful
          ether explodes with a spark,
                   and I know how to take 
                             other folks' clothes off in the dark -- that's pretty handy.

I met Little Richard at a suburban mall
          who told me I ought to preach the Lord's call.
                   And it was more fun to be drunk
                             at the Stein Club on Peachtree
                                      than to read about the D.T.s later
                                                from Charles Bukowski.

I know you can put your head through a windshield,
that it's not so easy jumping from trains,
and sooner or later you'll know someone
who blows out their brains. 

Oh, man, I almost forgot
          Deacon Lunchbox reading at Tortillas and the White Dot --
                   I know you're still out there,
                             you big forget-me-not --
proclaimin'  and bangin' that big iron shell
          loud enough to drive the devil from hell
                   and every so often I can still hear you shout
                             "Lewis Grizzard I'm callin' you out!"

That's about it for now. In short
          every one of us gets older
                   and if we're lucky to survive youth at all
                             we can be just a little bit bolder.