Twelve Poets
curated by Jason Blickstein

J. J. Blickstein
Analog Clock
Black crown
Still Life with Pitahayas, 1938. Oil on Plate.
Nudge, even ravaged

David Chirico
The Scarlatti Fragment
De Chirico and I

Clayton Eshleman
Excerpts from Our Journey around the Drowned City of Is

Anne Gorrick
Vowels like wool worn (like a river)
jog shirk joke
Folio #22 - Twenty Years or Twenty Minutes
Folio #23 - picture-puzzle segments and/or fields

Greg Grummer
One day when I was young I had to call Jimmy up
My Wife and I Talk After We Put Our Son to Bed
Si Talia Jungere Possis Sit Tibi Scire Satis

Robert Kelly
A Map Moving Fast

Heller Levinson
beveling the sťance daughters
the bad bedroom

Susan McKechnie
Henri’s Horse in Grand Central
Not Be Afraid Not Wishing (Genesis Unzipped)

John Olson
Quills That Smell Like Consciousness

Richard Rizzi
wedding cake in the abyss
(A Science Fiction Poem)
in the absence of an apple

Anthony Seidman
Nitemare: Memento
Tract #1
Tract #2

Ryan G. Van Cleave
The Junkyard Owner Walks His Labrador

Jason Blickstein
Clayton Eshleman
Greg Grummer
James Heller Levinson
John Olson
Anthony Seidman
David Chirico
Anne Gorrick
Robert Kelly
Susan McKechnie
Richard Rizzi
Ryan Van Cleve