Dirty Goat 

About The Dirty Goat

In 1988 Elzbieta Szoka and Joe Bratcher came to the realization that literature and in fact all of the arts had been co-opted by publishing houses not willing to take risks on international works. Their first reaction was to launch Host Publications, Inc., with the publication of Three Contemporary Brazilian Plays. While this was a step, more energy and diversity were needed to bring great unknown and undervalued works to the public quickly. The Dirty Goat was born.

Over the past nineteen years, nineteen issues of the The Dirty Goat have been produced, featuring material from countries as diverse as Turkey, Greece, India, Belgium, the Congo, Denmark and China, as well as countless other areas around the globe.

Each issue contains poetry, prose, drama, interviews and visual art in an 8" X 10" format. Averaging 150 pages the Goat brings bilingual vitality to the sleepy world of corporate publishing.

As an annual publication the Goat scours the planet for brilliant, visionary works that would otherwise remain forever unknown to our readers.

Experience The Dirty Goat in all of its glory. In full color, in bilingual texts, in interviews with established and groundbreaking artists - The Dirty Goat wants you to know the world.

Two poems by Jules Supervielle, from Dirty Goat 19, can be read here

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