Selections from æpoetics by Thaddeus Conti (Lavender Ink, 2008)


Thaddeus Conti--poet, artist--has been a vital force in the New Orleans poetry community for more than a decade. His legendary poetic coinages like "shamanibalistic", "antiquasi fornitado" and "catastasis" have become an essential part of the ever-growing lexicon of New Orleans' speak. Conti's visual works have shown in galleries and coffee house throughout New Orleans, and his poems have appeared recently in Mustachioed, Simpatico Poets, and YAWP: a Journal of Poetry & Art. Thaddeus Conti's book-length collection of drawings & poems, aepoetics, was recently released by Lavender Ink in October 2008.



there were
snails           in      the                          last row
                                                of church
                              when                 infinity had begun again
                              as a watch word
                              with too                         many
                                                                               consonants for
                              anything but scrabble



the many ways to read a word

after                          untying so many
                                  my mind works                                          just fine
                                                                  pinball visions
                                         that                                            mar the
                              tender           page
                                                  are reluctant attempts
                              at lemonade



shut up and write a book

one needs to want
too want
duality is symbiosis
intellectuals feed                                  on unshed tears
whereas a dog has the sense to sweat from                                his


on the occasion of something resembling a title

art is a                                                      residual
of                                                                        unseen disaster
a wound sufficiently                                drained of puss
power                     or both

an infidel may grease the mechanism proper
                                  such as a
                                                        mattress dumb




when the acid kicks in
and your teeth turn into grape jell-o
do not bite your lip
you silly fuck