Haiku by Johnette Downing

New Orleanian Johnette Downing is a multi-award winning singer, songwriter, musician and poet. Her original compositions and gifts of song have garnered national & international critical acclaim for more than a decade. Downing given keynotes and educator workshops in Egypt, Morocco, Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico and throughout the United States. She is dedicated to sharing her Louisiana musical and literary heritage from the roots up with children. Downing's poems have appeared in numerous magazines, anthologies, books & journals including YAWP: a Journal of Poetry & Art. Downing is co-founder of the New Orleans Haiku Society.




flight of the magpie
I inherit
Mother's silver


jazz concert
children dance
between the notes


old stone fence
the ripest fig
out of reach


dolphin massacre
on foreign television
I order vegetables


bubble bath
snow melt
on twin peaks


her kimono


open bathroom window
cat calls
from a gecko


between the lanterns
of a cat's tail


light breeze
his break up letter ends
with love


no one spared
water line
on tombs


estate sale
her life
on a table


fishing pier
of the spider


the baby's cry
leaves the temple


temple steps
my shoes
with laces


Sunday morning
a praying