The Personal Connection and other works by Hal Sirowitz

Hal Sirowitz is the former Poet laureate of Queens, New York. He's the author of four collections of poetry. His book about relationships, Before, During & After, was published by Soft Skull Press.

Not All Blues Are The Same

She said she didn't want
to get the post-coital blues,
so we should skip sex.
But then she got the blues,
anyway. She might as well
have gotten the post-coital ones.
I'd have found that more enjoyable.


The Personal Connection

She said she can sense that
my sperm are looking for
a mate, so we shouldn't
have sex. They'll wiggle
their way out of the condom.
She doesn't know how she
knows. It's just one of those
instinctual warnings every
woman gets. Women have
a personal connection with
their chromosomes. Men
don't have that with their sperm.
Men are always releasing
their sperm into life or death
situations. Whereas, the chromosomes,
for the most part, stay home.