No Such Thing as Unchanged Value by Frank Sherlock

Frank Sherlock is the author of Over Here ( Katalanche Press ), Daybook of Perversities & Main Events ( Cy Gist Press ), Wounds in an Imaginary Nature Show (Night Flag Books), and a collaboration with Brett Evans, Ready-to-Eat Individual (Lavender Ink 2008).


No Such Thing as Unchanged Value


                                                                      We might be a full & fluid cycle

                        of goods backed by assessed illusions     Systems

cannot become unplayed but I'm tired of being told that now's not a time for



     dreaming           There exists a movement of desire             Small people

           hold hands in majesty aside the taller trunks            Veterans from

the Battle of Utter Heartbreak paper the wish tree in daylight & dream in





               the shade of the moon tree come sundown           Whisper through

your mouthpiece into a kidney flower               A solidarity is

                           sometimes scored w/ fellow travelers lost or turned around





                                                                                                       It's criminal

                          to make-up a child's face caked in old man wisdom
What's there to know except that almost getting lost is really the ideal





             Play the compass           Carry a branch around everywhere      The leaves

don't have long to go so       lend your mark on the movement of

                                                                      movement & I will pass it on