Makhosazana Xaba


March 2006

Now that we've down to judge number four
let's give justice a chance.

Thousands will again gather outside the Johannesburg High Court,
defying all weather conditions.

The nation will wait to hear David's fate
as Goliath chants for his umshini
and his army prepares for attack.

All we who stand and sit on the side of justice
support she who is crying out to be heard.

We say: now that we've down to judge number four
let justice be done.

My book

My book has never been too tired to go to bed with me.
It never has a headache or needs down-time to discuss the day.
It never says: please not now, I'm not in the mood.
In fact, my book seduces me with its spine
that beckons from the shelf, yearning for my touch.
When I reach out to hold it between my fingers
it eases into them, slides into my palm, yields to my gaze.
With tenderness, it lays it pages bare for me
and speaks words that carry me through waves of emotion.
When my eyes aren't open and I am spent,
it rests right next to me, ready for the next round.

(Both of these poems first appeared in Tongues of their Mothers, published by University of KwaZulu-Natal Press)

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