Goodenough Mashego


shatale 2007

(the biography)

weekends are now exclusively reserved for goodbyes & lullabies
no longer do we watch soccer we watch caskets going down
we count blessings every step we take from the womb to the tomb
HIV/AIDS on the rampage communities perish like flies
sisters is shedding sweet tears finally paroled from brothels
go to confession mami make the church your haven
friendships replaced by conspiracies judas is reincarnated
hugs conceal real motives & the backstabber's Okapi
welcome to my township - mi casa su casa
why did we nip love @ the bud when they showed us the dollar
how can we all scream aluta when some are rested in Benzes
marijuana's now our messiah guarantees redemption

it's a cold-cold world father i'm down on my knees
rescue me from temptation i see the bait of lucifer
bullets still lick asses of brothers who forgot how to act
we misled now believe black sheep should die in the dark
install doors on caves & disappear from your glory

my township is contradictions prays to god but praises satan
we wonder why he's your son but lacks your light
we gave our faith to mighty dollars that never bought us life
brett kebble caught hollows left us wondering why
tens of millions couldn't bail him from the angel of death

last night i humbled myself & dialled mary the virgin
to save me from my fears of dying before turning 40
give me a reason to live while everyone is dying
take me to heaven if it's there i'm converted sans faith
i'm blind can't close my eyes i pray with them open
for everybody i love to have eternal life
everybody that left to be forgiven they sins
everybody on they deathbeds to get well before christmas
for shatale to be bold enough to bury its dead

Word on the streets

talk @ the cabinet lekgotla is black business empowered
is same pot-bellied gangsters signing yet another deal
while the poor watch the handshakes on the seven o'clock news
wonder why the gravy-train only stops @ harmony mine
unload the bullion pass by see you in another five years
when they queue to renew the vows for a new betrayal
another high treason committed behind the parliament gates
ministers freeze the national lottery with greed beyond lucifer
& claim to fight for indigents when they drag each to court
poor people pray for manna calling for mary the virgin

word from the ghetto streets is another attempted cash heist
pension money getting sticked youth lost discipline
the community went poof when mampoer hit the streets
when basson dispensed mandrax our pride shrunk into mental foreskins
another two brothers died as slugs pierced the armour
blood flows down pavement as he reaches for last breath
finally gasps he can't speak tries to tell me something
they said i shouldn't shed tears i should just ask why
next see the yellow police ribbon try to recoup scattered loochie
some disappear in pockets of the boys in blue
claiming they came to keep the peace while what they keep is the cash
helps me finally comprehend what i once hears uttered
'police is in the news, watch yourself, saw what they did to diallo'

word from the cold ghetto streets is zuma is on trial again
charge number one solicited a bribe from a seller of death
while half the clowns in parliament have their hands in the jar
the war cry on the dusty streets 'we ain't voting'
'til we see service delivery clean water for all
not bottled mineral water only during imbizos
until khutsong is in GP nobody goes to school'
this is the animal farm some are more equal than others
we're left stranded @ polling stations while they fly to europe
my ghetto's full of such stories but no one is listening

word from between the holy pages is he died for us all
took the full impact of a nail minus anaesthetic
so we can kneel down & pray & get our sins redeemed
wonder why we use our ballot to give a slice to liars
while we chasing after dreams pleading for christ messiah
sometimes punctuate our cries puffing on marijuana
since all the kingdoms in the world are corrupted & lost
chasing the torch of liberty all the way to gehenna
why put our faith in human beings more schizophrenic than us
who keep a log book of their dates with loony shrinks & drug dealers
our retreats filled with poor mothers taking care of grandkids
the father's busy nursing prostate now beyond reproduction
it's not my plan to point fingers throw lyrical bombs
hope what i saw early this morning will be told in a poem
when we finally toss fingers & become anarchists


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