Les bon temps rouleront!
The New Orleans Dance Will Go On!

This issue of Big Bridge is dedicated to New Orleans - as it was, as it endures, and as it resurrects itself and maintains the history and vibrancy of art and life in America interacting with the world. The New Orleans feature, "Sturm und Drang" guest edited by Dave Brinks and Bill Lavender is enormous: larger than many of our complete issues. Because of the huge enthusiam of the editors of this feature, the responses from artists of all sorts from the City of New Orleans, and from the world that so admires it, have overwhelmed us. So much so that we're still not done putting it together. Rather than holding up the new issue of Big Bridge any longer we have decided to go ahead and put up Big Bridge in two parts, The second part, "New Orleans, Sturm und Drang" will make its appearance in January 2010. We will send out announcements to all our readers letting you know when this features actually goes on line. For now you can browse the table of contents of "New Orleans: Sturm und Drang" and see what wonders are on the way.
Long Live New Orleans!!

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