Green Dragon

Edited by Gary Cummiskey


Green Dragon is an English-language literary journal of poetry and prose published in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was launched in 2002 and since then five issues have been published, with the sixth issue due in June 2009. Most of the writers published in Green Dragon are South African, and some are included in the online selection Beauty Came Grovelling Forward on Big Bridge. However, it has also published writers from Australia, the UK, the US and Holland.

The name Green Dragon was suggested by a friend who, as a teenager, in order to test if people were listening to her, would suddenly come out with a crazy remark like "There's a Green Dragon in the corner", and then she would see what their response was. Thus Green Dragon is an illusion, a surprise, an unexpected interjection that takes us off-guard and reveals the truth.

Work by many contributors to Green Dragon may be found in Beauty Came Groveling Forward: Selected South African Poems and Stories in this issue of Big Bridge.