Money/Mommy Meme Splice

by Robert Priest

Just give me mommy
I work hard for my mommy
You need mommy to get by in this world
You have to to save your mommy
Let your mommy grow
But don’t let mommy take over your life
Don’t get too attached to mommy
Mommy can weigh you down
Use your mommy wisely
Keep your mommy in a safe place
Mommy is just a tool
Mommy is a symbolic system
We are in a mommy obsessed culture
Mommy hounds
Slaves to mommy
We spend our whole lives scrabbling for mommy mommy mommy
Filthy mommy, blood mommy
Hypnotized by the power of mommy
We are all in the pocket of big mommy
Good mommy bad mommy
What is this insane lust for mommy
Mommy is being driven down devalued
We have not been very smart about our mommy
When interest rates are low mommy is cheap
Mommy destroys human relationships
Just throw mommy at it
Mommy changes everything
I have no mommy-sense
I’m bad with mommy
Mommy burns a hole in my pocket
I have to go begging for mommy in the streets
I hate mommy
I reject mommy
Mommy is the root of all evil
But it is so hard to live without mommy
I’m trying to hold on to my mommy
But everybody wants my mommy

What happened to our mommy?
We took huge risks with our mommy
And we lost
We are completely broke
We totally wasted our mommy