The Great Mother

by Hans Plomp


                                                    “People are spirits which have committed suicide.”
                                                                                                   ― S. Kierkegaard

An unborn soul came to her.
“Mother,” it cried, “Oh mother, the world is wrong!”
She said: “Maybe you’re right and the world is wrong;
maybe you’re wrong and the world is right; maybe both.”
“But mother, I cannot live in that world.”
“Then change yourself child.”
“No mother, no! The world must change.”
“You can change the world by changing yourself.”
“Why should I change mother, it’s the world that’s wrong.”
“The world is not right or wrong child, the world is.”
“A miserable planet, full of suffering,” it said.
“A splendid planet full of beauty,” said she.
“I cannot close my eyes to the misery,” it said.
“I cannot close my eyes to the beauty,” said she.
“Oh mother, you should see my dreams, they are so great.”
“So make your dreams come true, child.”
“It’s impossible mother, there are too many nightmares.”
“Then jump, child, and live.”
It jumped and entered a world of its own
where all was as it wished it to be.
It was al-one and happy
and she guarded it in her womb
for nine long months.