Sixty-four Yoginis

by Hans Plomp


We climb the 108 steps
to the temple on the hilltop,
each step a bead
in rosary or mala.
We step inside sacred circle
of ancient statues:
carved images
of sixty-four divine appearances
of Her, who moves the universe,
irresistible and awesome.
Faces of glorious apsaras
alternate with pigheaded ladies,
demons next to angels,
succulent mama next to sucking vampire.
I recognize my girlfriends
in all their moods and aspects.
Just then a handsome salesman
from the village down below
enters the circle and begins his pitch
ending in a demonstration
of his tantric finger-power.
But when he fails to lure the lady
he shares his holy smoke
and confesses all his tricks.
Yoginis love to play around.
If one has ever loved you
you’ll never love a mortal woman after that,
unless a Yogini has taken her over.