No Guru

by Hans Plomp


Wherever we look, wherever we go,
God the Father leads the show.
Tell me father, tell me son,
where have all our Goddesses gone?
No father, for me, no guru!
No Jesus, no Mao, no Marx, no Buddha,
no Satan, no Krishna, no Zarathustra.
No leaders down here or up above,
I just want Great Lady Love.
Women of the universe,
only you can end this curse.
Freya, Venus, Durga, Isis,
ladies why do you allow this?
Please come back and show your face,
bring this stinking world some grace.
We don’t need no virgin mother,
We don’t need no tyrant father,
We don’t need no crucified son,
We need Woman!
We need Love-Wisdom-Justice
the Triple Goddess.
We need boundless beauty
to clean up the mess.
No Moloch, no Kronos, no Baal, no Allah,
but Lakshmi, Minerva, and ancient Inanna.
No leaders on earth or in heaven above,
but you forever, Lady Love.